Press & Reviews

"Two Fates" and "Wolfhunt" Slavic & East European Journal review (English)
Interview by "V Novom Svete" (Russian)
"Be Grateful You're Alive" reviews (English)
"A Merry Funeral Song" reviews (English)
"If Your Friend" reviews (English)
"V Poiskah Vysotskogo" Almanac 2012 by Anthony Qualin - 1 (Russian)
"V Poiskah Vysotskogo" Almanac 2012 by Anthony Qualin - 2 (Russian)
"V Poiskah Vysotskogo" Almanac 2013 by Natalia Krylova (Russian)
Review by Vadim Nikolsky (Russian)
Internet Clips IX (English)
Interview in Citizens Magazine (English)
Review by Tommy Beavitt (English)
Internet Clips VIII (Russian)
Internet Clips VII (English)
Review by Julie Deshtor (English)
Interview in "Post Soviet Post" (Russian)
Review in "Slavic & East European Journal" by Timothy Sergay (English)
Interview on Radio Pozitiv (Russian)
Interview by (Russian)
Yekaterinburg Press (Russian)
Internet Clips VI (English)
Interview by "Sova" (Russian)
Polina: interview fragment (Russian)
Interview by "Novoe Russkoe Slovo" (Russian)
Internet Review V (English)
Internet Review IV (English)
Internet Review III (English)
Internet Clips II (Russian)
Internet Clips I (Russian)

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