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Vladimir Vysotsky (1938-1980) was Russia's premier singer / songwriter / poet of the 20th Century. Until recently, his popularity was limited to Russia and Russian speakers. I, Vadim Astrakhan, made it my life’s mission to integrate his work into world culture, by means of

• translating his songs into English
• performing & recording them in a modern musical manner

The debut
album, featuring international cast of 14 musicians, was released in 2008. The second album, produced by an acclaimed composer / guitarist Yuri Naumov, came out in 2012. The third one -- in 2014.  If you are interested in powerful poetry and inspirational music, you will undoubtedly find this project interesting.


Song Name

“Название песни по-русски”


People behind the project

About Vysotsky

Russian actor / singer / songwriter / poet / cultural icon.  In his 17 year career, wrote over 800 songs and poems, played in 15 theater productions (including signature roles of Galileo and Hamlet) and 28 movies (including the national blockbuster "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed").  His sudden death at 42 caused nationwide mourning.  Numerous monuments across Russia are raised in his memory.  His importance for Russian culture is hard to overestimate.


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